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Last Sermon at George’s Creek - Short Documentary - Co-Director

George’s Creek Baptist Church is ending. There is no new generation to inherit the church. For the elderly congregation, their stories are coming to an end as well. The church’s pastor, Earl, experiences his own passing echoed in the degeneration of his wife’s Alzheimers.  Last Sermon at George’s Creek is a charming personal dialogue with life and death.

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Don’t be a Dick About It - Feature Documentary - Editor

Redheaded brothers Peter and Matthew are growing up at home with their parents. They’re crazy about each other, but they’re also constantly at each other’s throats. Peter is obsessed with the TV show Survivor, and reenacts the elimination rounds every day in an uncompromising ritual. His younger brother Matthew is scared of dogs and is trying to get over it. Peter supports Matthew’s anxiety and Matthew supports Peter’s autism.

The camera follows them affectionately in their everyday lives, characterized by warm family life, fun and occasional furious arguments—they’re brothers, after all. They accept each other’s shortcomings but are equally quick to mock them, and their unconditional love for each other is tangible throughout. Filmed in warm colors with a laid-back soundtrack, Don't Be a Dick About It takes Peter’s elimination rounds and Matthew’s visits to local dog parks as leitmotifs in an ode to American family life, craziness and friendship.


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What I Hate About Myself - Short Documentary - Co-Director

In Chengdu, China, 18-year-old Christine enters a competition for free plastic surgery, aiming to become more “Western.” After winning the competition she must make life-altering decisions that will affect her future forever. This personal, yet globally relevant film takes a cinéma vérité look into the heart of China asking: what does it mean to want to look “Western”?


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