"Love Words" - Dove Chocolate


"Fresh Idea" - Nico & Vinz, Nestea


"Pure Imagination" - The Muppets, Lindsey Stirling, Josh Groban

Director. Editor.

"My Melody" - Nico & Vinz


"The World Is Ours" - Aloe Blacc X David Correy 

Director. Editor.

What I Hate About Myself - Trailer

Director. Producer. Editor. Cinematographer.

In Chengdu, China, 18-year-old Christine enters a competition for free plastic surgery, aiming to become more “Western.” After winning the competition she must make life-altering decisions that will affect her future forever. This personal, yet globally relevant film takes a cinéma vérité look into the heart of China asking: what does it mean to want to look “Western”?

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Dick the Butcher

Director. Cinematographer. Editor.

Dick is a 73 year old butcher living out his days in the desert and doing what he loves, butchering meat. And everybody always says, "you can't beat Dick's meat."

Daughters of Emmonak

Cinematographer. Editor. 

Daughters of Emmonak is a documentary film about a Yup'ik Eskimo woman, Lenora "Lynn" Hootch, working to bring an end to domestic abuse in her rural village of Emmonak, Alaska. 


Director. Cinematographer. Editor.

An experimental documentary film exploring themes of aging, faith, family and time.

Catalina Island


A film about the unique ecosystem and conservation strategies on Catalina Island, told through the eyes of its unique species.

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